Original Front Page

This website was for a fictional company in the novel Society Changed.   Like several other of my sites it was created as a target site for people who bothered to type in a URL from one of my works of fiction.   But there is a good reason why a publishing company with this name should exist.  (Recently a new reason has arisen, new social tech software that could be used for good or evil.) 

Social technology is an increasingly important part of modern society yet there is no publisher devoted to books on the subject. Even in the day of the e-book, many people prefer the printed word. I do think it best for serious study.

In the book Society Changed, a young man, Ken Green, becomes obsessed with social technology, which he believes can make society work. They are really not the sort of thing he could get published, but later when he has become a rich young man through applying some of the business oriented techniques of social technology, he buys a publishing house, which he renames Social Tech Press. He then promptly publishes his own books along with some of the others which have come in and are of interest to him.